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Month: June 2009

Medicine and Business

Medicine and Business

Our goal is not to save insurance companies money.  A most nefarious lot.   Our goal is to solve problems and make you whole again.  Healthier and happy.   That is the goal of functional medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine.   Optimal Health and Well Being.

There is nothing inherently wrong with medicine as a business. There is nothing inherently wrong with any business in America.   We still aspire to capitalist principles.  What is immoral and repugnant is rapacious business.

First of all, physicians will tell you, “I’m a doctor, not a businessman.”   But the very few of us dinosaurs left in solo practice are running a small business.  And it is not an insignificant small business.

It is apparent why a fellow physician was so discouraged when he spoke with a number of Senators and Congresspeople on Capitol Hill recently.  Politicians are clueless about medicine.   Most people do not understand the complexity of medicine.  Senators are absolutely clueless about related medical issues such as steroids and sports.  In the end, most are only interested in self-aggrandizement and self-preservation.

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Unsustainable costs

Unsustainable costs

Can we afford Health Care reform?  We are told this is a refrain dating back to Roosevelt.

But we find ourselves in the midst of unsustainable budgetary increases that must reverse “at some time.”

This is not Health Care reform. It is an attempt at economic reform. Even that must fail.

The truth is no one in Washington really has a clue how to fund this.  The latest shocking figures are $1.6 trillion for only an additional 10 million lives.


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