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Political Health Endgame: You Deserve Better Solutions

Political Health Endgame: You Deserve Better Solutions

Post-war Britain, and Londoners in particular, had suffered mightily after two years of punishing aerial bombardment.  The East End of London had been reduced to rubble.

Winston Churchill, arguably the greatest leader and politician of the 20th century, was turned out of office.  A new day dawned.  Anuerin Nye Bevin, a “firebrand” Socialist, was determined to remake the British health care system.  On July 5, 1948 he became the first Minister of Health.   Out of his uncompromising efforts was born the National Health System.  Bevin became known as the father of the NHS.  The pride and joy of Britain today.   Out of crisis comes opportunity.   And so it is today.   With crisis, opportunity comes aknocking.

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