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Anticoagulant Natural Alternative

Natural Anticoagulant Regimen A natural anticoagulant routine. How could this benefit you? How can you implement this? Why is this a time-proven alternative to conventional approaches? Hopefully, you have read part1, part2, and part 3 of this 4 part series. Primers on coagulation and thrombosis. I have carefully explained the process of coagulation resulting in heart attacks and strokes. We have talked about platelet aggregation. Which then leads to fibrin aggregation. Which leads to the final clot. All clots cause…

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AntiPlatelet AntiCoagulant Drugs

Coagulation and Anticoagulatant Therapy Read part I and part II of this series for background.  So you will have a basic understanding of coagulation pathways. Yes, it is complex. Remember, coagulation or clotting starts with platelet aggregation.  That initiates the complex coagulation cascade. This causes the mature thrombus or blood clot. Aggregated platelets with a thick fibrin mesh causes the thrombus.  The thrombus causes heart attacks, strokes or thrombophlebitis.  Here is the final complete picture: So let’s discuss anticoagulant therapy…

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Is Cholesterol the Culprit?

 Probably as long as you can remember, cholesterol is “known” to be the cause of cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) disease.  Does dietary cholesterol cause heart disease?  What about familial super high cholesterol?  Does that cause heart disease?  The short answer is – probably not.  Let’s expand.  I have written extensively on the subject in the past. Cholesterol has been studied since the early 1900s.  Initially in fits and starts. John Goffman studied cholesterol in the 1950s at Donner labs…

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Vitamin K, Calcification and GLA Proteins

Vitamin K2 is a potent anti-calcification nutrient via GLA protein carboxylation.  Let’s look at this process of calcification and the potency of these various forms of vitamin K2.   Then talk about the MK-4 vs Mk-7.    Which is best for you?   And why? Vitamin K2 forms There are currently three forms of vitamin K available. Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) has been extensively studied. It is not the most potent form. Vitamin K2 is currently available in two forms. MK-4…

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Your Personal Supplement Prescription for Optimal Health

Supplementation Regimen Can Optimize Your Health Patients often ask how do you maintain your health and youthfulness? What do you personally take? I need to walk the walk and practice what I preach.  I need to set an example for you. You can do this.  You may need our help and motivation.  There are many variations of this rigorous approach.  You do not need to follow this implicitly.   But the closer you can approximate this, the better your results. For…

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Coagulation Heart Attack and Stroke – Part 2

It is necessary to understand the interaction of fibrin coagulation pathways and platelet aggregation. Once we understand these interactions we can then discuss current treatment modalities. My goal is to show you a more creative and natural approach to anti-coagulation. Initial Platelet Aggregation In part one I emphasized the importance of platelet aggregation as the initial step.  There is an initial injury to an arterial or venous wall.  As a response, activated platelets cause a clumping reaction to repair the…

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